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Yelp, The Next Best Social Network?

April 26, 2010

**The following is a guest post by Angelica Nava, an innovator, and social media marketer in San Francisco. Enjoy!**

I find myself in constant geo-location check-in / social media competition with a certain Dan W, @dpwalsh, and danw, depending on your social vehicle of choice. In the spirit of friendly rivalry, I decided to massively friend people on Yelp because, shame of all shames, he outnumbers me by an embarrassingly large number (even though, I mean, I don’t want to brag, but I’m Elite). I logged onto Yelp…and froze. Where to start? I tentatively clicked on someone’s profile from the front page, and started to read. Nope, this person seemed to frequent the Marina a little too often for my taste. I clicked another. This person seemed to barely give any real thought to his reviews; I couldn’t support THAT. My experiment ended with my issuing a single (and I like to think coveted) invitation. The experience got me thinking–how can Yelp become more of a social resource? I have an idea to start: (more…)