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Overcome – Acrylics on Canvas

April 10, 2010

I’m going to flush out these three painting into a full-fledged series. As they’ve been on my wall for sometime now, I thought I’d hang ’em up here as well. (more…)


Identities – Preliminary Acrylic on Wood

April 28, 2009

This is a close-up of a piece from a series I’m currently working on entitled “Identities”.

I made wooden “canvases” a few weeks ago with my buddy Lee. They were cheap, about $6 a piece for 32″ x 24″, and have since given me something new to experiment with. A lot of people paint on wood, but this was my first experience with wood as a canvas. I began to realize how beautiful the grain was and really wanted the identity of the wood to show throw.

I started thinking about how I could accomplish this, and what kind of artistic opportunities were open to me now that I was working with a rigid structure. It dawned on me that I could probably paint something in acrylic, and actually sand it down. My hunch was right.

I painted thick, let it dry, and then applied a few consecutive coats of watered down blacks and browns. The wash settled into the valleys formed by the paint, as well as the small cracks in the wood, which helped to accent the grain.

There are still a few more steps I want to take with this piece, and the series as a whole, but here is another close-up, this time of the center, and the piece as a whole, after sanding.

What do you think?

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Second Recoleta Cemetery Shirt, and Contest Winner

January 22, 2009

This is the second shirt inspired by the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. I was shooting for a design that would feel opposite to the first, so I opted for skulls and red, as opposed to angels and blue. There are some angels in this design as well, but good god they were everywhere. I just couldn’t help myself. The text translates to “We wait for God” and is on the inside of the entranceway to the cemetery, opposite the RIP text which is on the first shirt.

If you like the new shirt, head on over to my gallery at Zazzle to pick one up. If you could even just click the link and give the design a 5 star rating that would be fantastic as well.

A lot of people requested neon and/or brightly colored designs as well. So, just for fun, and because I was really digging the skull on this shirt, I’ve made a shirt with 3 skulls on it. This one’s also available on Zazzle. Enjoy!

Contest Winner

This was tough. I went with JoSe’s/Raven’s color scheme for this shirt, but I thought Chris’s pickup line was so good I’m trying to work it into a forthcoming YouTube show. Raven’s tshirt site suggestion was also impeccable, TeeFury, had such a great design when I checked it out that I bought a shirt on the spot. Their designs seem to be more in-line with my tastes than Threadless or Woot. I have to pick someone however, so I choose TINA because her anecdote rocked. Congrats!

If you didn’t win, you can pick one up at my Zazzle gallery.

Also be sure to check out Karl Long’s tshirt blog at, for some of the latest and greatest Tees out there.

Recoleta Cemetery, Shirt One – Giveaway

January 12, 2009

Buenos Aires has an incredible cemetery in the Recoleta barrio. It’s easily one of the top tourist attractions in the city, and for good reason. The place is both peaceful and eery at the same time. Ornately carved statues number in the thousands and cats roam freely within the cemetery walls, brushing against visitor’s legs as they get lost amongst the tombs and side streets.

I easily spent 5 or 6 hours taking pictures – and getting sunburned – at the cemetery. There was too much inspiration for one shirt, so I’ll be creating a series. This shirt is the first in that series, and to celebrate I’ve decided to give one away!

Show me some love por favore. Click the pic and rate the shirt 5 stars.

How to Win:

You must answer the following 3 questions in a comment below to qualify for the free shirt. I will be judging mostly on originality, and I’m only giving away one shirt, so make your comment count.

1) Where is your favorite place to buy T-Shirts online (provide a link).

2) This shirt was blue and grey, what colors should the next shirt be?

3) What is the best pick up lineĀ  you’ve ever heard?

Good luck!

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Work in Progress No More – Painting Finished and a New Inspiration

November 16, 2008

Well, my initials are on it, so I guess that means it’s done!

I’ve been trying to find my style of painting for a few years now, something distinct and fun. I think I’ve finally found it. I paint almost exclusively with acrylics and really love stretching the chemical properties of the medium as much as I can. This has led me to a very fluid use of the paint, almost guiding its natural tendencies to flow and mix, rather than actually “painting” with it in the traditional sense.

My techniques still need a lot of refinement, but the depth in that last, splashy coat of white is impossible for me to ignore. More to come!

Question of the Post: If you could have any painting in your home, what would it be?


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A New Direction for My Blog

November 11, 2008

I enjoy writing. I do. You might not think so given the infrequency of my blog entries but I really do. So why don’t I write more often? I think because there was pressure. Let me explain.

There are many things I do and have done for fun over the past 24 years. I might be good, I might be bad, but as soon as I have to start doing them, I don’t like it anymore. I think the same thing happened with my blog. It used to be a release, but as I started putting more and more pressure on myself to find some kind of niche that I could “monetize,” I started dreading my blog entries. They took to long to write and I was always worried they would be ill recieved.


From now on, my entries will simply be a creative outlet for my creativity. Musings, recipes, design, wine, art, music, travel, whatever I’m into will go up on here. Typos? There will probably be a lot. ‘Nuff said, done with the rant, now onto something fun.

My friend Matt commissioned me for a painting almost a year ago, and it is to my shame that it is still incomplete. What it is now is nowhere near what it was supposed to be when I began, and paralysis from fear of ruining the background when creating the fore aside, I’ve been actively working on it for MONTHS. I thought I’d through it up and see what everyone thinks.

The white ground is still wet in the pic.

The white ground is still wet in the pic.

A million inspirations aside, I was trying to go for a tree of contradiction, I guess. Old and gnarly but with new growth, spring buds with a ground that could be snow. The autumn light breaking through the back. The composition isn’t very dynamic, but I wanted something almost flat and Japanese. What do you think?

I have a mess of other paintings too, so if you like the post, let me know and I’ll upload some more.

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