The Vagabond Who Went MIA

Image courtesy of TheBMag

Image courtesy of TheBMag

So I’ve been MIA for a bit and I wanted to address some of the reasons why.

First, all of my computers crashed. Yep! Within two days my desktop and my laptop both died on me. My external is ok, but I hadn’t backed up in awhile (bad Danny Boy). That means that a lot of the content I had been working on, including recipes, art, and locally saved posts went bye bye. In fact, the only photos I have left are whatever was uploaded to Flickr. Argentina: Gone. Thailand: Gone. As you may suspect, I’ve been thoroughly embracing “the cloud” as of late.

I’ve begun tinkering with Dropbox, will only compose in Google Docs, and have made a habit of sending current working files to If anyone has any cloud backup recommendations I would love to hear them. My current “system” is a bit ad hoc.

My younger (no longer “little”) brother has also been in town for the majority of the summer. I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like, so i’ve been spending the vast bulk of my time hanging out with him. It has cut down on the already limited amout of time i had at my disposal for posts, which brings me to my next update.

Mobile posting! I had been mucking around with composing posts on my phone (during commute) via Evernote and then making them live once at a bonafide computer, but that workflow left much to be desired. Enter the WordPress iPhone app! This whole post is being composed with it. Admittedly it is my maiden voyage, but so far i’m impressed. I’ll continue to post on the go and provide a further critique in a few weeks or so.

I’ve been painting a lot lately as well (future post). Unfortunately, I also found myself in a state which I now dub “perfection paralysis” (next post), which kept me from completing a few articles. No more!

When I haven’t been hanging out with my brother, I’ve been working on a secret project that is due for alpha release at the end of this week! I’m so excited! I hope you will be too.


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