Camellia Sinensis – Cultivating a Future

My first Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensus)

My first Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensus)

I’ve often dreamt of buying a small plot of land in Asia and starting a little tea plantation. Waking up with the sun, throwing open the shutters and overlooking row after row of tea plant while I paint seems like the kind of existence I could die happy from.

I was at Flora Grubb nursery last weekend looking for a plant to add a little life to my bedroom. I had settled on a small dessert plant (which I’ve since forgotten the name of) when one of the employees asked if she could help me with anything. Without thinking, I asked if she had any tea plants. She thought she might, and hurried off to look. She came back with a lone plant – it was the last one.

I bought it.

I know all I did was shell out five bucks for a tiny tree, but I can’t help but feel as if somehow I’ve taken a significant step towards realizing a dream. You have to start somewhere right?

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One Comment on “Camellia Sinensis – Cultivating a Future”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Very Nice. The whole thing. Dream, purchase, Start…

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