Second Recoleta Cemetery Shirt, and Contest Winner

This is the second shirt inspired by the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. I was shooting for a design that would feel opposite to the first, so I opted for skulls and red, as opposed to angels and blue. There are some angels in this design as well, but good god they were everywhere. I just couldn’t help myself. The text translates to “We wait for God” and is on the inside of the entranceway to the cemetery, opposite the RIP text which is on the first shirt.

If you like the new shirt, head on over to my gallery at Zazzle to pick one up. If you could even just click the link and give the design a 5 star rating that would be fantastic as well.

A lot of people requested neon and/or brightly colored designs as well. So, just for fun, and because I was really digging the skull on this shirt, I’ve made a shirt with 3 skulls on it. This one’s also available on Zazzle. Enjoy!

Contest Winner

This was tough. I went with JoSe’s/Raven’s color scheme for this shirt, but I thought Chris’s pickup line was so good I’m trying to work it into a forthcoming YouTube show. Raven’s tshirt site suggestion was also impeccable, TeeFury, had such a great design when I checked it out that I bought a shirt on the spot. Their designs seem to be more in-line with my tastes than Threadless or Woot. I have to pick someone however, so I choose TINA because her anecdote rocked. Congrats!

If you didn’t win, you can pick one up at my Zazzle gallery.

Also be sure to check out Karl Long’s tshirt blog at, for some of the latest and greatest Tees out there.

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2 Comments on “Second Recoleta Cemetery Shirt, and Contest Winner”

  1. Great pick!, loved her anecdote too LOL

  2. Raven Says:

    Hurrah! Got all kinds of excited when I read my name 🙂

    You should do a tango shirt, girl flipped back, guys hand running down her chest, her leg up… this would make a hot shirt.

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