Caders in Acrylic

Anyone who knows me, knows that I was a beast to get a hold of right before I left for the holidays. My time was at a premium. I was obligated to parties left and right, had to wrap up work before my vacation to Buenos Aires, and the portrait of my niece Cadence had to be finished. I was planning on giving it to my Brother and his Wife for Christmas, so I was kind of under the gun. I thought I’d post it up and let everyone see how cute she is.

This is the picture I was working off of.

This is only the second portrait I’ve done, EVER, and while there is obvious room for improvement, I hope it can inspire you to have the courage to try something new. Even if it means it might not be perfect. No one can fault you for putting your heart and soul into something. Passion is rare these days.

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One Comment on “Caders in Acrylic”

  1. moley Says:

    Dude – love it!

    Def somethin’ she’ll want to have forever, in fact I predict there will be a family feud over that masterpiece down the road – well done.

    I hope the B>A> is treatin’ you better than a scrambled egg on toasted bread.

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