A New Direction for My Blog

I enjoy writing. I do. You might not think so given the infrequency of my blog entries but I really do. So why don’t I write more often? I think because there was pressure. Let me explain.

There are many things I do and have done for fun over the past 24 years. I might be good, I might be bad, but as soon as I have to start doing them, I don’t like it anymore. I think the same thing happened with my blog. It used to be a release, but as I started putting more and more pressure on myself to find some kind of niche that I could “monetize,” I started dreading my blog entries. They took to long to write and I was always worried they would be ill recieved.


From now on, my entries will simply be a creative outlet for my creativity. Musings, recipes, design, wine, art, music, travel, whatever I’m into will go up on here. Typos? There will probably be a lot. ‘Nuff said, done with the rant, now onto something fun.

My friend Matt commissioned me for a painting almost a year ago, and it is to my shame that it is still incomplete. What it is now is nowhere near what it was supposed to be when I began, and paralysis from fear of ruining the background when creating the fore aside, I’ve been actively working on it for MONTHS. I thought I’d through it up and see what everyone thinks.

The white ground is still wet in the pic.

The white ground is still wet in the pic.

A million inspirations aside, I was trying to go for a tree of contradiction, I guess. Old and gnarly but with new growth, spring buds with a ground that could be snow. The autumn light breaking through the back. The composition isn’t very dynamic, but I wanted something almost flat and Japanese. What do you think?

I have a mess of other paintings too, so if you like the post, let me know and I’ll upload some more.

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2 Comments on “A New Direction for My Blog”

  1. josh Says:

    Very nice, the greenery looks like it jumps off the canvas.

    How did you decide on the composition?

  2. danwalsh Says:

    Composition? What composition? Just kidding. The comp isn’t quite as dynamic as I would have preferred, so I tried to compensate with the gradients on the ground. The whole thing ended up being a little flatter than I would have liked, so I decided to almost have the tree exploding off the canvas – it’s just barely contained.

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