An October Ghost Story

I used to have a ghost, not since forever, mind you, but since some time ago, and not that long even. Eventually, Casper moved on, presumably because the tethering, unfinished business, had become finished. I was glad for the separation, and thankful that my ghost had found peace, and hopefully not a fleeting one.

The beginning of October marked a return of the apparition. I was distraught, not only for myself and the frequent assaults on my psyche, but also because it meant my specter’s business, had somehow become unfinished once again. Sightings were few at first, but increased as the month wore on. Their building, I admit, was a constant source of aggravation, eventually manifesting as anger as the anniversary of our first encounter approached. I found myself shouting at the darkness with growing frequency, “I was rid of you, why have you returned!” Of course, I never received an answer, but I have since received respite. The 31st marked the climax of my torment, which thankfully came to an end at the stroke of midnight. Hopefully because Casper had found true peace, and not just another distraction.

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