Wat Chedi Luang – A Plot is Hatched

After a freezing 12-hour, all-night train ride to Chiang Mai, my room at SK Inn wasn’t ready. They told me to leave my stuff and come back around 9:30am. I dropped off my bag and went for a walk. It was quarter past six.

I’m actually glad my room wasn’t ready. Because it was so early I was able to witness the monks’ morning ritual. I didn’t get any pictures, but it was a little surreal wandering around the city at dawn with hundreds of orange and sepia clad Buddhists. I followed a group of three for about a half hour and watched as they collected food from the locals. Some food was left out from the night before, but the majority was donated by Thais who wake up early just to make sure the monks stay fed.

The food is put into spherical metal canisters that are almost magically concealed within their orange robes. I was reminded of the circus gag where an impossible number of clowns exit a car, except in reverse. The canisters weren’t small, maybe about the size and shape of a rugby ball, but somehow they never got full.

The monks started looking over their shoulders at me after one or two, too many blocks, so a hung a left and started weaving in and out of the alleys until I stumbled on Wat Chedi Luang.

Wat Chedi Luang

It was amazing – right in the middle of the city. Like I said, surreal. The left side was demolished by cannon fire back in 1775, and apparently is still being repaired because I couldn’t climb to the top.

No Entry at Wat Chedi Luang

As I stood there wishing that sign wasn’t there, a monk descended the stairs and I realized if I was wearing orange, I could probably get away with just about anything. I’d have to shave my head of course, but the wheels started turning on a plan that would eventually lead me to uncover the greatest conspiracy of our time… More on that later.

As the monk left the Wat, he rang a few of the gongs at the base, and I wished I could too, but again, I wasn’t wearing orange. I did the next best thing and took a picture.

Gongs at Wat Chedi Luang

Ok, I confess. I rang one of them as loudly as I could and ran like the devil was after me!

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2 Comments on “Wat Chedi Luang – A Plot is Hatched”

  1. Peter Says:

    Have I mentioned yet how envious I am of you? I wish I could travel around South East Asia, eat some fried insects with Mr Ahalt and incur bad karma through acts of sacrilege, lol. Keep up with the good times!

  2. danwalsh Says:

    Yeah… about the sacrilege… LOL

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