Crunchy Crunchy Snacks

Fear Factor can EAT IT!

I also ate a fried frog afterwards. It DID NOT taste like chicken! It tasted like a swamp…

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3 Comments on “Crunchy Crunchy Snacks”

  1. josh Says:

    Well done. You and Blake are much braver than I.

  2. Emily Says:

    lol you made me hungry! It’s good to know that frog doesn’t taste like chicken because I was going to make it for dinner tonight but now I won’t. Thanks for the heads up! Did you fry those up yourself or did you have to pay for those?

  3. danwalsh Says:

    Ha ha. I had to pay for them. It was cheap though. I think the whole bag was like 50 cents. I think the only reason the frog tasted so bad was because it was a WHOLE frog.

    Think: biology class.

    It wasn’t too bad until I crunched down hard and all the insides came juicing out.

    I’m sure frog legs are pretty good though.

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