The Rats of Nimh!

I was sitting outside my inn last night with Stacey (Aussie), getting eaten alive by mosquitoes when I heard a crash. Something had knocked over a tin bucket over by this gnarly old tree. All of a sudden the tree began to throb and the trash bags stacked around it were teeming with life.

What the hell?

I looked closer and saw that an army of rats was emerging from the bowels of the tree and attacking the trash below with regimented fervor. They were so organized I swear I could hear drum beats coming from within the tree.

The dogs ran away, the cats wouldn’t go near. These rats were so big they were halfway to beaver status!

The Tree of Nimh

Doesn’t look so sinister during the day does it?

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One Comment on “The Rats of Nimh!”

  1. Peter Says:

    You got a job now: catch and tame one of those rats. Once that is complete name him Guinness 2 and send him to NY.

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