Let’s go swimming!

Who wants a good look up my nose?

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7 Comments on “Let’s go swimming!”

  1. Maggie Says:

    nothing quite like a refreshing dip in river sewage.

  2. Big Mike Says:

    Whats up bud glad to see you made it there and are somewhat safe. How is everything over there? Seen Blake yet? Also glad you found the river where everyones crap ends up.


  3. Peter Says:

    So if all else fails it’s good to know that the local rivers are teeming with suspiciously edible…things.

  4. danwalsh Says:

    Lol You might be surprised to find out that not only do people swim in the rivers, but they also catch and eat fish from them, and, drum roll please….. wash their clothes in the water. Seems a little pointless don’t you think?

    This one was particularly bad, but still, they’re all connected…

  5. Jessica Says:

    that’s just gross!!

  6. Big Mike Says:

    That is pretty hillarious. But there is reasoning for them washing there close in it the natural immonia makes the there close cleaner and since most fish are bottom feeders anyway whenever you eat crab or Lobster essentially you are eating an animal who eats your and every animal in the oceans crap lol.

  7. danwalsh Says:

    HA HA! Love it!

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