This entry should mark the end of my thoughts on this subject, for there isn’t much left to think about now that I understand everything.

Every suspicion has been validated. Every prediction has so far been fullfilled. I miss what I had, but really, what did I have? The end predicated the beginning and this was doomed from the start. It was a fantasy, a dream, and no dream lasts long past dawn. A new day begins, and even as my cuts still bleed, I am moved to pity. Jesus Christ! Pity? Seriously?

Yeah, seriously.

She has a long, dark, winding path in front of her, and a map that only points straight. I don’t envy her that, but I wish her safe passage. I would have held her hand through it if only she had asked. She didn’t, so now she’s alone. I have my own path to walk now. A path I deferred so that I could walk hers. A path deferred no more. I will miss our travels together with all my heart – they are the dearest thing I possess. Perhaps one day our paths will cross again, and perhaps at that time we will be ready for one another, but that time is not now. Now, it’s time to walk alone.

Thank you for your patience.

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One Comment on “Clarity”

  1. Emily Says:

    You can’t help someone who doesn’t want help Danno. There just comes a point where you need to let go and let that person walk alone and they will fall several times but in doing so they willl learn not only to be independent but also to value those that are there to help pick them up after they fall. The same goes for the man who took a better path, however, he already values those who help pick him up, he just needs to learn that sometimes walking the path alone is better, because it is during that time that he can reflect and cherish those thoughts that still linger.

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